Bishop Marcia E. Pitts, DD

Presiding Prelate Church on the Rock Ministries, Inc.

Bishop Marcia E. Pitts was born and raised in Wilmington, Delaware to the late Bishop Josephine and Leslie Jones. She was married to the late Elder Joseph Pitts in 1961. She is the fantastic mother of four grown children and five delightful grandchildren.

Being a “PK”, she wanted to escape all of the teachings of the church. At the age of 18, upon graduating from high school, she entered her freshman year of college. This was the escape she longed for. Not understanding that God is everywhere and he does answer prayer, 1958 while attending a Youth Convention in Boston, Bishop Pitts surrendered and said one eternal yes to the Lord.

Under the leadership of Bishop Amy B. Stevens, President of the Mount Sinai Holy Churches of America, Marcia Pitts became very active in her local assembly, serving in many capacities including Church organist, Superintendent of Sunday School, Janitor, Youth Pastor, Pastor’s Adjutant, and Church Secretary. Marcia was elevated to a Missionary on December 28, 1972. September 30, 1977 Missionary Pitts was ordained a Minister, than in September 1983 an Evangelist. Evangelist Marcia Pitts was ordained an Elder on August 23, 1992.

1992, Dr. Marcia Pitts fulfilled a 12-year prophecy and began the Church on the Rock Ministries, Incorporated. With 7 people in the home of their daughter, they had their first bible study. The ministry prospered and church services began in the basement of Bishop’s home. That same year, Bishop Pitts and her husband, the late Elder Joseph Pitts and her faithful congregation of 22 were able to purchase the building at 28 Queen Avenue, where they presently reside. Because God is so faithful to His people, the church was able to pay the mortgage off in full, within 5 years.

In 1995, Elder Pitts received her doctorate from Jameson Bible College in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. A chosen and anointed vessel, God elevated Dr. Pitts to the Bishopric on October 2, 1999. A godly woman whose life is encompassed with prayer and devotion, Bishop Pitts currently oversees seven churches. The progressively evolving vision of her God-led ministry includes incorporating the use of multimedia communication (television, radio, and internet) and establishing various shelters and instituting the J.L. Jones Christian School.

Directed by the Lord, Bishop Pitts conducts “Monthly Healing Services on the first Sunday of each month. As always, He has been in the midst, using this devoted woman’s obedience and humility to perform signs, wonders and miracles. Because of her persistent belief that praise, worship, and daily prayer is a key element to having an intimate connection with God, Bishop Marcia Pitts is one of Delaware’s most dynamic women preachers whose fundamental teachings and lifestyle has brought her to the forefront “for such a time as this”.

On May 14, 2011 at 12noon Bishop Pitts was united in Holy Wedlock to the Bishop E. L Jones.



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