C. Linwood Jackson, host of The Linwood Jackson Radio Show, is committed to giving good information and content. He is a former US Army veteran and United Auto Worker, He is passionate about civil rights and community service. He speaks on the issues facing citizen’s in our area on a weekly basis. We cover national / local news, working on the issues facing our community, for example, education, health care, rampant homicide rates, crime, joblessness, etc. The solutions to the issues and challenges faced by disenfranchised communities and the people that live there. Including changing laws, establishing a homicide unit and creating environments that deter crime, self-employment over unemployment, etc.

He interviews local & national celebrities, sports figures, entertainers, elected officials, authors, etc. A segment designed to encourage listeners to broaden their horizons by becoming familiar with the wonderful world of dancing, traveling, performance and cultural arts including theater, acting, and singing. Interviews conducted with experts in the above topics, present the dances (bop, cha-cha, ballroom, tango, salsa, and praise) couples dance styles and playing the music that compliments those dance disciplines. While offering tips, instructions, solutions and the promotion of dance as a means to adopting an easy exercise regimen and healthier lifestyle. With his spare time he enjoys photography, acting, dancing & traveling.

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