I gave my life to Jesus Christ in 1988 at the age of 27, I became am Ordained Missionary two years later, In 1994 I received my Ordination as an Evangelist. However, I was doing the work of a Evangelist by being a soul winner, witnessing to who ever would listen because of this desire to help people the Lord has blessed me to bring hundreds to Christ. I have taught and preached in the state as well as the federal prisons for the past 23 yrs. I am currently a Chaplin in the Cecil County Detention Center. At the age of forty the Lord allowed me to go to college and receive a bachelor degree in ORG/Behavioral Science as well as a Masters degree in Human Services with a concentration in Community Services. I currently work in mental health field, this is my passion to help the people that GOD allows. When the Lord told me to come on the radio I obeyed him and now I am currently on several stations thru out the U.S.

I am the wife of Joseph Todd for the past 26 yrs. And the mother of five 1 daughter and 4 sons as well as the grandmother of 4. The name of the ministry that God gave me is “Sound Mind Ministry” I believe that is what the Lord intended for my life. I love Jesus with all my heart and his people saint or sinner. I am witness if you believe God, He will not withhold anything from you.

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