Raised in the church as the son of an active duty United States Airmen, Anthony was taught discipline at a young age. However, like most of us, he didn’t learn the true benefit of his foundational roots until he experienced real life application in the real world.

At the age of 25, Anthony made a decision to leave home to pursue a military life for himself and his young family. It wasn’t long before God revealed to all those around him that he had the favor of God and the instincts of a natural born leader.

Anthony Wallace is a veteran of the United States Army. He served with distinction as an Instructor Pilot for U. S. and allied flight students and the craft he piloted was the Army’s feared AH-64 “Apache” Advanced Attack Helicopter. His resume includes numerous combat missions over Iraq during Operations Desert Shield/Desert Storm. Anthony is not only a military veteran, who bore the burden of decisions that would determine life or death, he is also a noted and proven leader of men. In addition to carrying the distinction of an Army aeronautical designation, as a senior aviator, he is also a licensed commercial helicopter pilot. On the surface, it seemed like God’s plan for his time in the military was the saving of natural lives. However, it was during this time that he encountered his present Father in the Gospel, Apostle Nate Holcomb. Apostle Holcolmb, spoke words over him that would forever change the direction and course of Anthony’s life. Ecclesiastically, Anthony has been in ministry for more than 30 years and has been recognized as a pastor’s pastor for 17 years. He is held in high regard for his unique and practical insights, and for developing people into “Word Thinkers” (not just for church, but for everyday life). He has a love for the lost and a desire to see all people come to Jesus and receive salvation. His ministry passion is for the deliverance, development, and destiny of God’s people, everywhere. Anthony has been married to the love of his wife for life and the queen of his dreams, Margo, for over 36 years. He and Lady Margo are thankful to God for their 3 children; Faruq, Andrea, and Ashley and their 5 grandchildren; Essence, Syean, Charles, Julius, and Ian. He is a living epistle of what can happen when man’s plan becomes submitted to God’s destiny. Anthony lives by his commitment “It’s All About Him” JESUS!



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